20,000 YouTube subscribers-I have reached a milestone

I reached a milestone yesterday when I noticed I had reached 20,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel.

It is hard to believe given I am a one man band and have made all the videos myself since the first in 2010 or 2011.

Over the last year or so it became apparent, however, that the channel had gained an extra bit of momentum and the rate at which I was adding subscribers had increased significantly. And the inevitable consequence would be reaching the 20,000 subscribers’ milestone.

The next obvious one is 30,000 but I will not focus too much on that particular figure. I intend to continue making the best videos I can and having fun.

So, I do throw in the odd vlog or lifestyle or drone video which is not entirely consistent with the overall goal of my channel. But it is my channel, and I can make what I want when I want.

And can then publish it.

It is hard to underestimate the satisfaction to be gained from this. Not just from a business perspective or brand building perspective but from an artistic one too.