Why I stopped checking my emails at breakfast

Every morning, as part of my routine whilst eating my breakfast, I check various websites on my iPad.

Sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, the Irish Times, TikTok, Amazon, Instagram etc.

I need to check comments on my own channels or pages and remove any that are offensive.

And I check the growth in subscriber numbers or fans to the various sites that I use to promote my brand and business.

I used to check my Gmail, but not anymore. Why?

Because the first thing I want to do every day, as part of my daily writing habit, is to write a blog post. Like this one.

That is the very first thing I do when I sit down at my desk in my office.

And I found that if I checked my emails first thing when I was having my breakfast, I may be distracted by one or two of them while writing my blog post.

But there was nothing I could do about any of those emails until after I had written what I wanted to write. And I wanted to write with a clean, clutter free mind.

Therefore, there was no point checking the emails while having the breakfast. Checking them after I have written my blog post is time enough.

And I can write without being bugged about an email I have just seen while having my breakfast.

Removing this distraction is one over which I have complete control.