Women still getting a raw deal in the workplace

I have met three clients in the last 6 months who have led me to conclude that even in 2024 women are still getting a raw deal in the workplace.

The first case involves a young woman who has been forced to leave her job as a result of the sexual harassment she has experienced over quite a period of time. And when she brought it to her employer’s attention the response has been unprofessional, tardy, and downright lame.

The second case involves a young non-Irish national woman who has experienced appalling bullying and discrimination in the workplace. She is out sick at the moment awaiting the employer’s response to her complaints. But the treatment she experienced in the workplace would never have happened to a man, in my experience.

The third case involves a man who has been suspended from his workplace due to an allegation against him of using inappropriate, sexist language to a female colleague. The female colleague has now left the job so the likelihood is my client will not have to be overly concerned about the any disciplinary action that might be appropriate.

This is not right but the irony is my client thinks he has been hard done by.

I could not help thinking of these three women because I have three daughters, and a wife, myself. I will do my best for all my clients.

But sometimes it is easier to feel outrage and motivation than others.

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