My Vespa was delivered yesterday

I bought a Vespa scooter a few weeks ago when I was attending a Certificate course at the Law Society in Immigration Law.

And it was delivered yesterday.

I bought it in Scooter Island on the Quays, a short walk from the Law Society at Blackhall Place. It is a 50 cc 2009 model with a 3-month warranty.

I have never owned or ridden a scooter or motor bike and I have always had a hankering for a Vespa.

There is something about the design, the functionality, the history, the brand.

And the brand has a great deal with the story that is being told, and the story we tell ourselves.

Anyway, I am looking to getting it out on the nice, rural roads around my homeplace in North Kildare and maybe bringing my camera and taking some photos, chilling, and scratching the itch.