Wild, untrue and unproven allegations can still cause reputational damage to your small business

I have written in the past about certain employees overestimating the significance of any publicity surrounding their employment law case at the WRC.

Frankly, I have advised them that the issue they are claiming about may play a large part in their life and mind. But for most people it will not move the dial.

In other words, without being callous or indifferent, other people may not care.

However, there are times when the allegations made by an employee are so potentially damaging, even if they are not true or proven, when it makes sense to try to settle the case.

It is not the truth or veracity of the allegations that are the biggest concern. It is the fact that some people will take the view that “there is no smoke without fire etc.”

And damage can be inflicted on the business in the local community, especially if it is in retail or public facing.

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