Give your solicitor all the facts in advance of the hearing

There is an indescribable sinking feeling when you are in a WRC hearing and it turns out that your client withheld a vital piece of evidence from you prior to the hearing.

Notwithstanding that your client has read and approved your proposed submission on his behalf to the WRC weeks in advance, your argument that the employee left the job rather than being fired goes out the window when the letter of termination from your client surfaces on the day.

And this is the first time you have heard of or seen it.

Your submission that the employee failed to exhaust the internal procedures and minced out in a fit of pique and her claim for constructive dismissal lies in tatters when said employee can wave around a termination letter at the WRC hearing.

Whether you are an employee or employer it is a good idea to give your solicitor all the facts, good and bad, in advance of the hearing.

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