The best way to use my Vespa/cycling footage

I am in two minds as to the best way to use any Vespa or cycling video footage in my videos.

Regarding the Vespa footage, which is of the Irish countryside in North Kildare and is very attractive, I can simply let the footage speak for itself. Or I can add music and turn down the sound of the engine. Or I can do a voiceover.

And if I do a voiceover should it be about riding a Vespa and the Irish countryside? Or should I drag in legal material?

My GoPro can produce excellent footage, and I have the option of buying an Insta 360 X3 which is a stunning camera for the likes of cycling or motorcycling footage.

But I do not want to invest further until I am satisfied I have a clear idea of what I want to do with the footage gathered.

Anyway, it is not a big issue. I enjoy making the videos and also enjoy experimenting with different formats of video, varied topics etc.