The unnoticed, unheralded data that gives me quiet satisfaction

Any outside looking into a small business like mine would have a hard time figuring out the type of data or analytics that gives me warm feeling and sense of satisfaction.

In fact, an onlooker would probably not have a clue.

Take the number of followers I have on Spotify for my podcast, the Irish Law and Small Business Podcast. The number of followers this morning is 945.

On 8th January 2024 this number was 743. On 28th January the number was 811.

The figure of 945 today is most satisfying. And gives a quiet, underrated, unnoticed imprimatur to my work with the Irish Law and Small Business Podcast.

I look forward to the figure reaching 1,000 followers soon. Meanwhile, I will continue doing the work.

Publishing videos and podcast episodes.

And get a quiet sense of satisfaction that there are listeners and viewers out there who might miss me when I am gone.