Why Should You Write Often?

Why should you write often? Perhaps as much as every day?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why I write frequently-although I feel a sense of guilt about not writing even more often-and why I believe I should be writing every day. Perhaps thinking this through for myself will give you some food for thought.

Benefits of writing

Firstly, stress reduction.

Writing allows you to put on paper, or virtual paper if you are writing online, your thoughts, fears, worries, issues, problems which in turn allows you to confront them and think them through. The act of emptying your mind and dumping the contents by writing is a stress reducer and therapeutic.

Secondly, clear thinking.

Writing allows me to think through a problem or issue that I face and the very act of writing out the factors in whatever I am struggling with helps think with greater clarity and perspective.

Thirdly, better communication.

If you communicate every day in writing your words you will improve your communication skills which is a huge benefit to acquire and grow; and regardless of whether the communication you engage in on a regular basis is oral or written the ability to communicate effectively is priceless.

These three reasons are probably, for me as a solicitor, the most important reasons. But for you there may be other benefits which will flow from writing every day and on which you will place a greater value.

And I have no doubt there are many other good reasons for developing a regular writing habit.

For both of us the benefit of acquiring a great habit by showing up more often-even every day-to improve our skill in this one area of our lives can set us up to make other small changes to acquire positive new habits, or ditch bad ones.

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