Why I do not take calls and insist on emails

The critically important thing is the space between the issue or proposal and the response.

The issue might be something that crops up in a conveyance, it might be a proposal to settle a dispute, it might be a complaint or question.

It is immaterial. The important step is to ensure you have space between the thing to which you are being asked to respond and your reply.

The best way to ensure this is not to take the call.

If you take the call the temptation and inclination is to respond immediately. This is what you want to avoid.

If you want to make the best decision for yourself or your client, you need that time and space. You need to weigh up all the options, and there is usually more than one answer that can be given.

This is why I do not answer the phone or take calls.

Emails are different. Emails are asynchronous and can be responded to at a convenient time, having considered the optimum response.

This is why I insist on emails.

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