Why I Am Returning to Twitter

I gave up on Twitter some time ago as a waste of my time and attention; but I’m reconsidering this decision now and I’ll tell you why.

Before I do that, however, let me tell you why I quit. The main reason was that the tweets I did publish appeared to make little impression, did not generate much engagement, and the website traffic I was generating did not appear to justify the time spent sending out tweets. 

From time to time, though, I came across some piece of content or a sparkling piece of writing that made wading through the firehose of dross worthwhile; for example a legal letter written by one of the top law firms in the United Kingdom.

Or an insight into a legal argument or pleading from a leading Queen’s Counsel or a submission to the UK Supreme Court on behalf of John Major in the case taken to challenge the proroguing of parliament. Getting access to this type of material is priceless and would not normally be available to me or be in the public domain.

Research tool

I have also used Twitter for some time as a research tool through the use of lists. I have created a list of top lawyers and law firms, for example, and keep a close eye on their tweets to keep abreast of important decisions in the courts or changes in existing, or commencement of new, legislation. 

This is a bit like having the best legal brains acting as a research unit for me and ensures I am always aware of important changes which might affect the people I seek to serve. 


A further reason for returning and giving it a 2nd chance is the surprising, positive results I am seeing from tweeting out shortened versions of my YouTube channel videos.


On balance I believe Twitter has positive benefits to offer to my business provided I use it in a considered, thoughtful way and for this reason I will devote a certain amount of time and effort to rebuilding the relationship.

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