What Israel is doing now is unconscionable

The attack by Hamas terrorists on settlement camps in Israel a few weeks ago was truly barbaric.

The taking of women and children into Gaza as hostages is unjustifiable and shocking.

But what Israel is doing now in bombing Gaza goes beyond self-defence. The images on television nightly are shocking and stomach churning.

Last night I saw on Channel 4 news a little girl break down and come to a halt in her search in a hospital for her father. She eventually, along with her two siblings, found him.

But the pictures of families and children and babies travelling slowly on carts drawn by donkeys are an indictment of Israel’s actions now. And where are they travelling?

Where do you travel to in a strip of land 7 miles wide which the state of Israel appears to treat like a chessboard or an extra in some type of sick war game?

I have heard it said that Israel do not want peace because that is the thing it fears most of all as it could undermine the structure and foundation upon which the state of Israel was built.

I thought this was an unlikely proposition. But it is becoming more plausible when I see more and more children searching through rubble for their parents.

I accept the state of Israel and its legitimacy.

But I do not accept these horrific attacks on Gaza as justified or justifiable and view them as simply acts of revenge and pandering to right wingers in the political spectrum of Israel.