6th December-a date I always remember

The 6th December, today, is a date that I will never forget.

This is strange and unusual because I have an appalling ability to remember dates. Words and phrases are no problem for me.

But I am at a complete loss to remember numbers and dates. Always have been.

For some reason, however, I remember 6th December because it was on the 6th December 1986 that myself and my brother Pat opened up a small shop at Hart’s Corner, Glasnevin and I was launched on a career of self-employment.

I was 23 at that time and was immature in many ways.

But I was mature enough from a business perspective to recognise that if the whole thing went wrong and our business venture failed and we were unable to pay off our bank loan I would probably have enough time left to recover and start again.

I did not need to test this theory because the little venture worked out well for both of us.

But I can remember having a “counter book” to record the day’s takings for I was the financial controller of the operation.

And I can remember writing down 6th December 1986 on the first page.