Vlogging and storytelling

I’m fascinated with this idea of making better vlogs using storytelling.

Finding a story that is interesting or entertaining or which will hook and retain a viewer in one’s ordinary, everyday life.

There must be a story, no matter how trivial or apparently inconsequential. And I want it to have 3 acts, as in the classic 3 act structure involving:

  1. Set up
  2. Conflict
  3. Resolution

I have been thinking and writing about story for a long time and telling a story appears to be an easy task. But it’s not.

To keep things simple for me I want to copy Casey Neistat’s method.

It may not be the best now, it’s time may have passed. But it is a structure that I understand and can relate to.

There are other guys and gals doing vlogs and doing them with varying degrees of success.

But the 3-act structure is a sound framework on which to hang any story. And it seems to me to be a simplified version of Shakespeare’s method of using Freytag’s pyramid to tell compelling stories.

It will do for me.