Two overlooked channels to promote your small business

If you have a small business like mine, you will come across all types of advice as to how to market your business and brand online.

You will find, too, that the advice tends to reflect what is popular, hot, ‘blowing up’, at a given point in time. The inevitable consequence of this trend is that certain sites and media are in, and certain sites and media are out or have lost favour.

One site which has lost favour with the so called, self-appointed small business marketing gurus is Facebook.

Yet I know from my daily, in the trenches activity that it remains a powerhouse as a venue to reach the plain people of Ireland. The number of views, comments and engagement I get from Facebook daily is quite stunning for a site that appears to have fallen out of favour with advisors/experts/gurus.

One media source which I am exploiting and growing slowly but steadily is my podcast on Spotify. My numbers here are not huge but are steady and growing and the power of speaking to someone on a regular basis as they walk their dog or work out or commute to work or mow the lawn is of immense value.

This media is one of quality, not quantity. But is one well worth pursuing and sticking with for the long haul.