The two types of entrepreneurs/start-ups that have surprised me

I am contacted frequently by entrepreneurs or individuals starting their own business.

They contact me because they may have learned that I have been an entrepreneur since I was 23 years of age and have been involved in a wide range of entrepreneurial/commercial activity across a range of industries.

I make the most of my experience in my online marketing efforts, why wouldn’t I? But it works and I have a good handle on promoting my solicitor’s practice and myself as a brand.

The surprising groups of would-be entrepreneurs I have encountered over the last few years are

  1. The naïve. Guys and girls with little or not street smarts, no street hustle about them
  2. The individual who is unwilling to pay for advice. If you are starting an activity or embarking on an endeavour which could go badly wrong and put you on the road financially, would you not consider a small fee for advice from a person who has walked that road, and others, over a 37-year period a reasonable investment in your education and business?

I could give the advice for free, but I won’t on a point of principle. That principle rests on two things:

  1. My time and expertise is worth something and I am running a business and
  2. The entrepreneur needs to learn the value of experience and expertise early on and buy it if he/she does not already have it

Anyway, if you want to build your brand online and generate clients for a service based business you might be interested in my book, available on Amazon.