Trusting mainstream media-am I incredibly naïve?

I read a lot of comments on my YouTube channel about the “mainstream media”.

How the mainstream media cannot be trusted, they are part of some deep state conspiracy and are pawns in the hands of malign influences such as George Soros, Bill Gates, and others.

I have been accused of overreliance on mainstream media. I will admit to placing a great deal of trust in news organisations such as RTE, the Irish Times, the Irish Independent, the Examiner, BBC, Channel 4, CNN, MSNBC, and others.

I may be foolish and desperately naïve to trust these outlets. But in their favour is years of, in the main, trustworthy reporting.

Yes, there are occasional lapses and failures. Yes, there are a small minority of situations which they have got badly wrong.

But the alternative? Is the alternative Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp Groups, YouTube?

I don’t think so. Until something better comes along, I am happy to rely on mainstream media.

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