Travelling back to the apartments I built with mixed feelings

I’m going back in time this morning.

I have not visited the apartments I built in Edgeworthstown, Longford for years.

I don’t know how many years have passed since I was there last but it is at least three years, perhaps five.

Anyway, these apartments are epochal in my life.

They are where the business/entrepreneurial success I had enjoyed for my entire career came to a grinding halt. They are where I lost my entire capital, and plenty more capital belonging to the bank.

But this epochal event with the coming to the end of the Celtic Tiger property boom propelled me up against a wall with nowhere to turn. And with a last throw of the dice, I began studying law in my garage at home.

This led to my career in law, and I have never looked back. So, I have understandably mixed feelings about these apartments.

I built them during a period just prior to the Celtic Tiger property crash. I needed that crash to come 6 months later. That would have done me.

In and out-that was the plan. But that was not to be. When the tide goes out in a market, there is no survivors.

Anyway, a tenant has moved out and the apartment is in a mess. I must go back to assess the damage and see what must be done to get the show back on the road.

Travelling back will be interesting and brings a lot of memories and mixed feelings. I am going to make a vlog about it, as I think it might be interesting on several heads.