I’m still surprised by the stunning power of video

Video is powerful.

This is something I have read, observed, and written about for a long time now.

But no matter how many times I write about it I will invariably be struck again by a consultation with someone. The person, in the course of conversation with me in a consultation, will quote back something to me that I said in a video I made.

I may have forgotten about it completely. I may even fail to recall the video and can simply nod to myself and think that that is something I would say.

But the thing that sets me back and surprises me as if somebody just ran into my office naked during the consultation is the resonance this statement or thought struck with the person who is now sitting in front of me in the consultation.

The individual could be someone who you would not expect to recognise or remember the thought I was trying to explain.

Yet here they are in front of me quoting me back to me some 5 to 10 years after making the video and publishing it on YouTube.

The power of video.