17 years later-the apartments I built

Mostrim Oaks, Edgeworthstown, 2023-2-19

I visited Mostrim Oaks, and that apartment block I built back in the Celtic Tiger years, yesterday.

I think it was in 2006 that I oversaw the construction by way of sub-contract labour. I took a photo when the block was finished and just before I put the apartments on the market for sale.

Yesterday, I took a photo, too, and you can see the effects of the passing years.

Nevertheless, the building could be freshened up in a significant way if it was given some care and attention, something that has been lacking for the last few years.

It will never be restored to its former pristine condition, but that is unrealistic and unreasonable. It will never be new again.

Given the lack of attention and care the building has stood up to the passage of time tremendously well, I believe. We are looking at a 16- or 17-year gap between these photographs, remember.