Writing a blog post every day for 12 months-how it has gone

I set myself the challenge of writing a blog post on this blog every day on the 31st January 2022.

I have managed to do it, too, and today is 21st February 2023. And I will keep going, keep writing a blog post every day.

Sometimes, however, I wonder could I get more from the discipline and the development of the daily practice. Should I set myself some target or goal or write in a particular style or range of styles?

Or are there some exercises I should be tackling to increase and broaden the skill?

Firstly, I believe I have gained a great deal from the practice and developing the daily writing habit. Showing up to do something every day is easy most of the time.

But there are other times when it can be incredibly difficult, especially when something else intrudes and dominates your life and distracts. So, achieving the goal of writing a blog post has been a good achievement from my perspective.

There is a gnawing thought in the back of my mind, like a mouse chewing through an electrical cable, that I could now gain more.