Too late for content marketing for small service based businesses?

It’s too late.

In response to a video of mine on Instagram encouraging small business owners, especially service providers, to embrace the power of content marketing a commenter claimed that it was too late for that now, as all businesses had great content now, or words to that effect.

This is not true. Not even remotely true.

If it was, I would not have the largest YouTube channel dealing with Irish law and related matters. I am a one-man band.

There are plenty of other solicitors who have vastly more resources than I have. You only have to look at the top five or ten solicitor firms in the country to imagine the gulf in resources between a one-man band in a small office in Enfield and those firms.

Yet the content provided by other law firms on a platform like YouTube, or any video platform, is pretty thin, quite frankly.

It is a huge mistake, and a cop out, to claim that you cannot differentiate your business and grow a client base with great content now because it is all done already.

But this is a decision and a judgment which others can make. It suits me fine, quite frankly.

I will say it again: if you want to differentiate yourself from other service providers in your industry you have the opportunity to use the power and effectiveness of content marketing.

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