Things I Will Unhesitatingly Spend Money on Every Day

Are there things in your life that you would never hesitate to spend on?

Leaving aside the basic needs of food, shelter, security there are some things that I spend money on every day or week.

And I do so without question, unhesitatingly.

What are they?


I never hesitate to spend on books. I have a Kindly device and I am never without a book and, quite frankly, I don’t care how much the next book is going to cost. I am getting it if that is the next book I want to read and I don’t think twice about the cost.

And I know the value of what I might learn, even if only one thing, will far outweigh the cost.

Buying Kindle books is inexpensive, anyway, and I seldom have to pay more than €10 for one.

YouTube advertising

I spend money on YouTube advertising on a daily basis and have no hesitation in doing so. Why? Because it is money spent that will return a multiple by way of new clients and enhanced branding for me and my business.

Facebook advertising

I run one ad on Facebook and have done so for years. It is a campaign designed to build my email list and the sign up incentive I offer in return for an email address is a free report about employment law in Ireland. You can check out that free report here.

I only spend 1 or 2 euros per day but it, like the YouTube advertising, is tremendously effective and has helped grow my email list to over 5,000 subscribers who have opted in twice to hear from me by email.

This is a powerful tool in my business.

Audiobooks (yes, books again!)

I also consume books through the medium of audiobooks and the Audible app. This allows me to listen to books when I am driving in my car to work, going to WRC hearings, and jogging every evening when I come home from work.

Something like going out into a dark, wet, cold night to go running after a stressful day in the office is made immeasurably easier when I can look forward to listening to a great book for a half hour of interruption free focus.

Value for money

These expenditures of mine provide value for money that is immeasurable. For this reason I will never hesitate or skimp on my investment.

And, yes, I do see all these spends as investments.

What about you? Is there something in your life or business that you are happy to spend on?

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