How to Write a Great Advertisement-5 Steps

Ever needed to write a good ad?

If you are involved in business you should know how to write a good, or great, advertisement.

Whether you are notifying the world that you have a job available or have a product or service that cannot be ignored you will need to tell the world about it.

You might as well make the best fist of it possible, if you are going to give your most valuable resource-time-to it.

You need to do 5 things. Here they are:

Get attention

You can have the best product or service or job vacancy. But if you cannot get anyone’s attention to let them know about it you are bound to fail.

So, your headline needs to get the attention of the right people.

There must be some reward or incentive for reading your advertisement.

Show the reader an advantage

You can also describe this advantage as a benefit.

Call it what you like but it must show the reader what they will gain or save by using your product or service.

Answer the reader’s question ‘what’s in it for me?’

This could be money, time, prestige, popularity, improved appearance, status, security, health, etc.

Prove the advantage

You have claimed an advantage.

Now you need to prove it.

Prove it with evidence, data, hard facts, specifics, testimonials, credible reports/sources, performance evidence.

Answer the question ‘why?’ Why should you buy this product? Service? Apply for this job?


Persuade the reader to grasp this advantage

Paint the picture of how things will be after the reader takes advantage of your offer.

Reiterate the benefits again.

Invite the reader to imagine how life will be changed for the better.

Ask for action

Give the reader something to do immediately, without delay.

Pick up the phone, send an email, make an appointment, buy the product, arrange a consultation.

The essence of a great advertisement

Sell people advantages, not things.

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