The principle of small improvements and creating momentum

I have spent some time over the Christmas break learning more about editing videos.

And it has been time well spent because I have picked up a couple of little things which will improve the quality of my videos and the amount of time a viewer will spend watching them.

This is key for the growth of my YouTube channel because the length of time a viewer watches my videos is a key metric which determines if YouTube is going to show more of my videos to YouTube viewers or not.

This is the way the algorithm works, or at least one of the important features of the YouTube algorithm.

The same principle can be applied to many endeavours, however. The same principle of finding tiny improvements to whatever you are already doing to bring about small, incremental improvements.

The power of this strategy and philosophy is that it creates a powerful momentum over time of always improving whatever it is you are doing, even if any one improvement on its own does not appear to amount to much.

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