“How do you find time to get any work done?”

“How do you find time to get any work done?” is a question that is put to me from time to time, in the context of the quantity of material I put out on social media.

The answer is straightforward: I work hard and work smart/efficiently.

I am well organised and have a standard operating procedure and system. I also believe in an idea of leading from behind, something I first heard from Jim Galvin on the Business programme on RTE radio one Saturday morning.

To sum it up, my system is as follows.

I have an idea or a topic or issue I want to use and believe it will be useful for those I seek to serve.

So, I write a blog post and publish it on one of my websites. Then I make it into a video and distribute it on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify (for my video podcast), LinkedIn.

Then I take the same video and edit it into the correct portrait format for Instagram and TikTok.

You will notice that all of this content comes from the original blog post about one idea. It always starts with one idea which can be leveraged across platforms with the minimum of effort.

You can learn more about my system of online marketing and brand building here.