The precariousness of life

Myself and herself celebrated 32 years of married life yesterday evening in the Johnstown Hotel and Estate near Enfield.

It is a lovely spot and there was a good, vibrant buzz about it last night. There had been a wedding on during the day and there was plenty of other events of life being celebrated and marked.

Around the time we were sitting in the Fire and Salt restaurant in the hotel a fit, healthy young man had just collapsed in Semple Stadium playing in the Tipperary Senior Hurling Championship.

He was brought to hospital and died.

Dillon Quirke had represented Tipperary senior hurlers this year in the championship. He was 24 and in approaching the peak of his physical powers, and the point at which the physical and mental apex of a GAA players intersect.

He had won minor and U-21 all Irelands with Tipperary. I am sure his family would trade them in now to have him back. And to wake up from a nightmare.

Unfortunately, that cannot and will not happen.

It is easy to forget to cherish each and every day.

My sincere condolences go out to Dillon’s family, friends, teammates, neighbours, and anyone who knew him.

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