The power of story in creating great content for your business

A guy left a comment on my YouTube channel yesterday as follows: ”These are the best vlogs on YouTube”.

The video he was commenting on was “I crash my drone twice on the same day”.

I don’t, for a minute, think that my vlogs are the best on YouTube, or anything like it.

But I am chuffed with that comment because it is positive feedback on a lot of work I have done in the last 6 months or so in learning how to vlog by incorporating story into the video.

This drone video is popular because it tells a good story, with plenty of conflict and struggle and failure in it.

Other commenters said they lived for these ‘drone crash videos’ and like watching other’s disasters.

That is human nature.

If I had seamless, error free, stress free drone flights and footage there would be no story because there would be no adversity for me to overcome.

The power of story to connect and ensure watchable videos and create other valuable content for your business cannot be overestimated.

And story depends on conflict and overcoming adversity. Like crashing your drone twice on the same day.

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