The pig gets nothing

I have previously observed the good sense in adopting a strategy of ignoring dumb, ignorant, insulting, untrue, offensive comments on social media platforms. Especially on pages that I have control of-for example on my YouTube channel or one of my Facebook pages.

Here is an example of the type of deluded, tedious, tin foil hat nonsense I am referring to:

“Terry, the red herring that is COVID is complete nonsense.”

YouTube, 26th August 2022.

It takes a bit of restraint, and I still struggle, to ignore this remark.

I have to remind myself of the sage advice that when you wrestle with a pig all that happens is you both end up covered in crap, and the pig loves the way the whole thing has turned out.

So, I will ignore it, save for writing this blog post which may seem a contradiction. But, you see, by writing this blog post I am the one who gets something out of it.

The pig gets nothing.

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