The misinformation and disinformation problem

Anyone who spends even a small bit of time online on any of the social media platforms will quickly see the quantity of misinformation and disinformation being spread.

Whether it is to do with migration or legal issues or covid or vaccines, the confidence and vehemence with which certain individuals spread falsehoods is a sight to behold.

Even when it comes to legal matters and the spreader of the propaganda does not have a scintilla of legal expertise or training, the confidence with which he or she makes statements is frustrating and probably influential on those who most need sound, accurate information.

The government and the State have a problem in countering misinformation when it comes to migration and must deal with this in 2024. But there are many other spheres of Irish life where the spreading of falsehoods and lies is a cancer.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to counter it, especially when social media allows everyone, regardless of motivation or expertise, to become their own publishing company.

The presence of gatekeepers is something I never thought I would rue. Now, I occasionally have second thoughts.