Blogging is dead?

I saw a YouTube video yesterday entitled “Blogging is dead” or “Is blogging dead?” I must do a search for it today and take a look.

But even if the thesis of the video is that blogging is dead from a marketing perspective, and that may well be the case, I will continue blogging for all sorts of reasons.

The principle reason is I like writing and writing a daily blog allows me to gather my thoughts and think through stuff from time to time.

I can also make any blog post the subject of a video which is where the real marketing power is nowadays.

But even if I never made a video I get a lot of satisfaction from having somewhere to just jot stuff down and having the opportunity to publish anything I want to the world without any pressure for the blog post or idea or observation to have any marketing (or other) heft.

Thus, from a pure marketing perspective blogging is almost certainly not nearly as effective as it used to be. But there are still many sound reasons why a person should consider keeping a blog.