I was 24 hours away from being an “unvetted male” myself 

It’s profoundly saddening to see the misinformation, disinformation, falsehoods and lies being spread all over the country about migration, voluntary and involuntary.

To see decent people being manipulated to the point where buildings earmarked for homeless or immigrants/asylum seekers being burned to the ground is something I never thought I would see in Ireland.

But now your Twitter feed is replete with images from various towns around the country with concerned locals protesting about the lack of “consultation” and “unvetted single males” and so forth.

The big fear is local politicians, seeking to climb the greasy political pole, will not give leadership and attempt to allay the unfounded fears but use them for handy votes.

I never thought I would see it, especially when I recall the 1980s when young Irish males were heading for the ports and airports to get out of the country and find a better life in London or the United States.

I was 24 hours away from being an “unvetted male” myself, but this is a story for another day.