The Enoch Burke case-what are they afraid of?

I have made quite a few videos about the Enoch Burke case and published them on my YouTube channel.

Little did I realise, when I published the first one, that there would be such interest in the case and the ultimate outcome, which has not yet become apparent as judgment is expected next week.

And I have written a blog post about the comments on some of those videos and have described them as frightening.

The whole affair has led me to wonder and question what are these commenters afraid of?

Is it fear? Is it something else?

This whole affair started off, you may recall, from a direction in Wilson’s Hospital school in Westmeath for a young person to be called “they” by staff in the school. This request was made with the support of the child’s parents.

The comments online have been so angry, vitriolic, unchristian, uncaring, and abusive that I wonder what these people are afraid of.

What’s the fear?

Woke? Fascist? These are just lazy labels.

What difference does it make to me or anyone else how a person chooses to live their life, provided it is lawful and does not impinge upon or diminish my rights?