The comments on my Enoch Burke videos are frightening

I have published a number of videos on my YouTube channel about the jailed schoolteacher, Enoch Burke and his imprisonment in Mountjoy prison for contempt of court and breach of a court order.

The most recent one was this week when I reported of Burke’s pleading in the High Court to be released for Christmas. His pleas were turned down and he was told he needed to purge his contempt.

It is the comments underneath my videos that surprise me as they appear to be increasing in their intensity and passion. Much of the underlying sentiment and views, however, seem to be angry and fearful.

And it makes me wonder how the transgender issue cause such fear in certain individuals. Some appear to have the view that the issue presages the end of the western world, and so forth.

Why are people so exercised about what other people do, provided it is lawful? What are they afraid of? What causes the fear?

Why would any young person in a school in Westmeath who wishes to be recognised as one gender or the other cause such fear and anger?