A type of frustrating client

I must admit that I have never been a great one to take directions or criticism. This is a weakness; one I have had all my life.

When it comes to frustrating clients, therefore, there is one type of frustrating client that gets right up my nose and winds me up: the individual who will freely give you advice and tell you what you ought to do.

This is despite the fact that the giver of advice and direction has no legal training, no legal experience, and is almost certainly feverishly using Google’s search engine to learn as they go.

It is particularly annoying when it comes to property and conveyancing for there is a standard, approved method of conveyancing between solicitors in Ireland. The method is based on the direction of the Law Society of Ireland who have liaised with the lenders on various aspects of conveyancing, mortgages, charges, etc.

The Law Society gives practice directions, through its various committees, to solicitors to keep them up to date with developments and changes in the law, and to ensure best practice is used in every transaction.

For this reason, a client spending a great deal of time on Google and then advising you what they want is bound to infuriate and exasperate any rational, professional solicitor.

That’s my excuse, anyway.