Email marketing revisited

I am a strong advocate for email marketing as an effective way of marketing a small business.

But I am dismayed by what I see passing for “email marketing” from a huge number of small businesses.

The flagrant breach of the law in relation to adding email addresses to data bases, refusing or neglecting to deliver value up front in the form of an “ethical bribe” to acquire sign ups to the list, the repeated sending of emails which are blatant sales pitches and deliver not a particle of value, failing to operate a single or double opt in to the email service provider list are all reasons why I mark a great deal of emails as “spam” in my email inbox.

I intend, in 2023, reviving my own email marketing and really doubling down on it. I have badly neglected my subscribers over the last 12 months and failed to make the most of this valuable asset.

I know email marketing works. I am increasingly concerned about social media sites making it harder for users to leave those sites and visit external websites.

I have a large database of email subscribers-over 10,000 at this stage-who have double opted in to hear from me. They will hear from me in 2023 when I recalibrate my marketing priorities.