The deep satisfaction in deleting offensive comments

When you publish a lot of content on social media, as I do, it is inevitable that certain individuals will publish comments that are insulting, inappropriate, degrading etc.

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction deleting such comments or simply blocking the person.

I have no problem with a commenter expressing a different opinion from mine.

 I have no problem with them having what I would consider to be dumb, weird, sick views.

They may have the same opinion of mine.

But where I draw the line is when they simply set out to insult and offend, usually by making personal comments that would not be permitted in the workplace or in civilized society.

I get a kick out of blocking such individuals because some of them go to great lengths, and spend a good deal of time typing, to insult and demean.

I can imagine them leaning back from the keyboard with a smug sense of satisfaction and looking forward to seeing the reaction to the comments posted. And then when they see the comment does not appear at all or is deleted in short order.

Free speech, like the vast majority of rights, is not boundless or unfettered or without restrictions. It must be exercised responsibly and with a view to others in society.