Thanks for your kindness-a powerful act

I am often contacted by students of law looking for part time work or to get into the office as an intern. This is perfectly understandable as the student wants to see what a law office is really like and make the connection between their studies and the law in practice.

I have limited enough space so the opportunities in my place are slim.

However, I do try to help when I can.

I was approached again last week by a law student in first year in law in Maynooth.

I asked her to send her cv and enhanced emails and explained my difficulties but that I might be able to do something for her next summer and to remind me at that point.

In her replying email she thanked me for my kindness.

I thought it was a lovely touch and one that will definitely encourage me to do what I can next year when she contacts me again.

Thanking someone for their kindness is such an easy thing to do. Yet so few of us do this nowadays.

And it can be devastatingly effective.