The Admiralty law pseudo legal conspiracy theory nonsense

A commenter left a comment on my YouTube channel containing some advice for Ammi Burke and Enoch Burke in their legal challenges.

He suggested that if they were familiar with Admiralty law they could easily resolve their legal difficulties.

I have seen this Admiralty law nonsense mentioned more than once online so I thought I would do a simple Google search and see what the basis for it was.

How did this inane bunkum gather any purchase or currency?

I came across this explanation on Wikipedia and it does not surprise me that this conspiracy theory may have started from though it may stem from “a misunderstanding of some nautical-sounding words in common usage in the English-language judiciary such as ownership, citizenship, dock or birth (berth) certificate”.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on “Admiralty law”. You have to scroll right to the bottom of the page to read about this pseudo legal conspiracy theory nonsense.

Regardless of what strategy the Burkes pursue, and it has not been a winning one to date, I would not recommend Admiralty law.