Fr Cremin, Carmelite College, Moate and more allegations of child abuse

There is another report in the Irish Times today about Fr. Michael Cremin, the top man in Carmelite College, Moate back when I was in secondary school, containing allegations about Cremin being a paedophile and child abuser.

There are more men coming forward to tell their sad story of alleged abuse.

Cremin managed the Carmelite College, Moate to All Ireland Hogan Cup wins in my time in school and was seen as a legendary, pioneering figure in the area of managing GAA teams, tactics, preparation etc.

The stories now emerging of him abusing boarders in the school, and openly feeling up students in the classroom, beggar belief and are a black stain on his reputation.

Two men who could shed some light on what went on in Carmelite College at that time are two former intercounty footballers: Val Daly of Galway and John Maughan of Mayo.

Both of these lads were boarders there when I was boarding in St. Finian’s College, Mullingar and should be able to shed light on what went on.

I used to be jealous of the boarders in Moate seeing them win Hogan Cups. We in St. Finians won nothing.

Not any more.

I wonder have Val Daly and John Maughan been asked for their comment.