My father of the bride speech

I have to make my first father of the bride speech within a couple of weeks.

I have done a little research as to what should and should not be included, how long it ought to be, and some other basic facts about a father of the bride speech.

I have put a good deal of thought into it, and it is nearly ready, I am just polishing it off now.

My wife is curious and anxious to hear it, but I have adopted the position that the speech will firstly be heard on the day, and that is it.

My wife accepts that that is the position, and I am almost certain not to change my mind on that score.

But she told me the other day when we went to Dublin and were sitting in the pub, “all you have to do is say how beautiful your daughter looks, and it will be grand”.

And she probably hit the nail on the head.

All the research and preparedness will count for nothing it I don’t include this.

Sometimes, you need someone to simply state the obvious and get to the meat of what you need to do.