‘Stay in your lane’ and ‘stick to the law’

It’s a shocking state of affairs that certain individuals, who I would describe as knuckle-draggers and cellar dwellers, believe that I should not publish an opinion outside the area of law.

They tell me to ‘stick to the law’ and ‘stay in your lane’.

These types of statements have the effect of fortifying me in my determination to have an opinion or view and publish it any way that I see fit. This is not what these cretins are looking for but c’est la vie.

And I shall publish and voice opinions about anything under the sun, as often as I like, wherever I like and in whatever format I choose.

This is one of the benefits of living in a democracy with a constitutional right to free speech. I might publish a blog post on this site or any of the other sites which I have built and control; or I might publish a video on my YouTube channel.

But I certainly won’t be ‘staying in my lane’ and reserve the right to drive in whatever lane I choose.

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