Starting a side hustle in the information provision business

I published a short video last week called “Exploiting the gaps in the information provision business”.

I was making the point that there was a good living to be made from providing information to people, especially given the reluctance of many to do some basic research by themselves.

I know this from my YouTube channel and other social media pages I maintain. I am frequently asked questions the answers to which are widely, freely available online-for example on the Citizen’s Information or Revenue websites.

Yet I receive questions in the comments section of videos and elsewhere which could easily be researched in a short period of time.

And when I have commented and observed on this, I have received comments to the effect that “yes, you’re right, I could not be bothered. I am one of those people”.

Leaving aside a person’s laziness or indolence there is a good living to be made from providing information to others. Most of us have skills and experience that certain others-not everyone-will find valuable. So valuable, in fact, that they are willing to pay.

This idea of having a business providing information has elicited quite a deal of interest and comment, and it seems to me there is interest in learning more about it.

So, I will probably make a little information product myself explaining what is involved and how it can be done. And how to start a side hustle that might become a main stage hustle over time.

Leave a comment below or contact me and I will let you know when I have completed it. I do not expect it will be expensive, but an introduction to the opportunities involved in providing information based on expertise and/or experience.