Smart phone or camera for Instagram stories?

The convenience of your mobile phone when it comes to creating story type content is hard to beat.

Yes, creating Instagram stories with a camera will probably give you slightly better quality.

But if you are trying to shoot in the moment and on the go-for example if you are visiting somewhere-whipping out the phone and shooting is easy.

And dare I say it, almost feels natural nowadays.

Them, the footage you have taken can be uploaded straight to Instagram stories from your phone. No need for any intermediate steps such as transferring the footage to your phone or pc in order to edit or upload.

The advantages of using a camera, however, are two fold:

  1. All things being equal, the quality should be better
  2. You can edit the footage more easily and do some post production stuff such as adding music

Perhaps the slight delay between the instant posting with your mobile phone and slightly later posting if you are using a camera will be worth it. I guess it will depend on the circumstances, and how important it is to ensure the footage is as up to date as possible.

With a news story, for example, time must be the critical consideration. On the other hand if you are showing your weekend away or a holiday or a trip to somewhere you want to share perhaps the immediate uploading is not necessary or desirable.

I will have to think some more about this one.

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