Reviving “The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast”

The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast

I published my last podcast episode on my “The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast” on 29th May 2022.

Other things took over in my marketing priorities and I let the podcast lapse. I stopped uploading new episodes and forgot all about it.

Last week I uploaded a video to YouTube and a commenter made the comment that it would be great if the episode was available in audio only as it suited him, for whatever reason. And of course, that is why you might make and publish a podcast.

So, I went over to my podcast to see when I had last uploaded an episode and take a quick look at the analytics. And I was pleasantly surprised by the statistics.

For example, the last episode I had uploaded in May had received 178 listens and the all-time number of plays was 5,648 with an average play number of 32 per episode.

Based on these numbers you can easily see the show was actually growing and growing healthily.

So, I am doing the right thing and reviving it with the intention of uploading new episodes every week. It makes sense and it is a great resource for my business that will probably prove, over time, an even bigger asset as podcasting continues to grow in popularity.

Sometimes you drop the ball when you are a small business owner and you are doing your own marketing as you can be overwhelmed and spread yourself too thin.

But reviving this podcast makes a huge amount of sense, especially when I am simply extracting the audio files from my videos and uploading them.

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