Online courses on the Teachable platform-a throwaway remark prompts a change of direction

I watched a video yesterday from one of the few persons I hold in high regard and trust when it comes to online/digital marketing: Ian Brodie.

It was part of a series of videos he has done about creating and selling your own online course, regardless of what industry you are in. Ian’s content is of high quality and his email is one of a small number that I make it my business to read.

I have no intention of starting another online course. In fact, watching the video yesterday prompted me to reconsider my existing online courses. The guy that Ian was interviewing in the video had his course on Teachable as I do. And he made the throwaway remark about the ongoing cost of having your course on Teachable, an online course platform.

I had forgotten bout this and cannot even remember how I paid the annual Teachable fee. But whether I pay it in advance or by standing order or direct debit the fact remains that unless you are making regular sales of your course you will end up losing money, not making it.

For this reason, I have been forced to reconsider my online courses on the Teachable platform and make some tough decisions for the future. I have seen strong, steady sales of my books on the Amazon and Audible audiobook platform and sales of my online courses have dried up.

I have no intention of paying an annual tax to Teachable for the vanity of having online courses available. Thus, I will definitely be making a shift towards a greater focus on my book sales and the Amazon platform.

I must also look at getting my books, or some of them at least, into bookstores.

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