Nonsense business reporting should be ignored if you want to invest in shares

I have just listened to some completely irrelevant information on the RTE Business news.

The guy that was on the Rising Time radio programme on RTE Radio 1 was going on about how the stock market had yesterday recovered some of the decline of the previous day.

Two days ago, he had reported, stock markets around the world experienced  what he had described as ‘sharp falls’. These falls were approximately 3-5%, depending on which stock exchange. They occurred as a result of fears surrounding the situation on the Ukraine border and the massing of more Russian troops.

And yesterday when troops had been withdrawn by Putin the stock markets had recovered. But the business reporter told us they had not recovered all their losses of the previous day.

Who cares, unless you are a day trader? What difference does this make?

If you are investing in shares, you should be investing for the long haul, with a minimum time horizon of 5 years. Ideally longer, as long as possible.

The fact that stock markets fell by 5% on 14th February 2022 and recovered by 4% on 15th February 2022 is completely meaningless and irrelevant.

If you are breathlessly waiting and observing stock market rises and falls on a daily basis you are in the wrong game. Don’t invest in shares.

If you want to invest in shares do so for the long haul and forget about daily ups and downs in stock markets caused by factors external to the performance of the companies in which you have shares.

The ups and downs of share prices or stock markets should not determine your mood or your investment decisions.

The performance of your companies is the only thing that matters.

You need to make a commitment to invest for the long haul with an understanding that in 5 or 10 years time the likelihood is that the stock market in which you have invested will be worth a lot more than it is now.

Daily ups and downs are irrelevant. Nonsense reporting on business programmes should be ignored.

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