I increased my consultation fee this week

And after hearing what a colleague was charging for WRC representation and hearings, I increased that fee significantly, too.

Some of the WRC hearings are straightforward and can be dealt with in one sitting.

But some can go on for two or more days. I am currently waiting for the third day of an unfair dismissal hearing that has not yet been finalised. In this case my original quotation is not nearly enough to cover the extra time, work, and hearing days.

Time is money, especially in the game I am in. And I have been shooting myself in the foot for quite a while by undercharging versus the real time required to prepare for and representation at WRC hearings.

Consultations at €100 was way too cheap when you consider the consultation could last up to one hour and there may have been other work arising, too. For example, reading papers prior to the consultation, or sending a letter or email after. There would also be supplementary or follow up questions which would be answered.

The going hourly rate for a solicitor probably starts at €250 plus vat per hour. Therefore, to continue doing what I was doing for €100 was absurd. Even €150 is not enough but I see it as a type of ‘loss leader’ which might lead to something else.

In fairness, some of the consultations are extremely straightforward as the person may be hopelessly misguided as to the options open to them. And it may not take too long to put them straight so there is an element of rough and smooth when you consider the situation in the round.

But I have no regrets about the increase. In fact, I regret not doing it sooner.

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