My viral Tweet

I had a tweet go viral last week-viral for me, anyway.

The tweet was actually a retweet (I think) by me of a guy called Greg Sargent who had posted a tweet about Trump’s relentless lying. He had linked to a Washington Post story about Trump’s lies in the final presidential debate in the United States presidential election and he had posted 2 images from that Washington Post story.

I then commented on his tweet and I am not sure whether what  I did was a  retweet or a quote tweet.

But it immediately  got a huge number of impressions (over 40,000), engagement (440) and profile clicks(45) as you can see below.

I am trying to figure out was this a complete fluke or did I accidentally stumble onto something.

Because if I could repeat it, even on a smaller scale, I would be able to tap into the power of Twitter to generate impressions, engagement and profile clicks.

And profile clicks are you what you need to grow your Twitter following. And a following on any social media platform is a valuable asset in your business nowadays.

I have built up a good following on YouTube, Facebook, and have an email list which has approximately 9,000 subscribers. But I want to grow my Twitter following now.

I am not sure why, but I see it as a challenge to be taken on and have a sense of stubbornness and pig headedness in my failure, to date, to grow my Twitter account to the same extent as the other social media platforms.

Anyway, I still have a lot to learn and have a number of experiments to carry out as I am not completely satisfied  about the best structure and aesthetic of my tweets.

The big questions to be answered are

  1. The presence or absence of links-it appears that a link will see your tweet being shown to fewer fans because Twitter, understandably, wants to keep you on their platform, and
  2. The use of images and/or video-do these look too much like advertisements? Do they generate more impressions? Clicks? Retweets?

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