My Twitter experiment-part 2

I carried out an experiment on Twitter last week, as I intended. I posted a tweet thread every day for the 7 days.

I wanted to see how such threads would perform in terms of engagement, impressions, and new followers. There was an appreciable increase in impressions and engagement, especially for the first tweet in the thread.

I gained 10 new followers.

This week I am just going to post links to blog posts, as I have always done in the past, and see how they perform. Whilst I expect them not to perform as well in terms of impressions and engagements, they will have the advantage of being able to send traffic to my website(s).

And I have noticed from the Google analytics data that there is a steady trickle of traffic to my sites arising from clicks on my tweets on Twitter. It is not a great deal of traffic but is steady across tweets covering a range of topics.

And the likelihood is the person who clicks on a link has a genuine interest in the subject matter of the tweet.